Community Partners

Business Partners for DOR & TEP Placement Services

Stria – Hired DOR Participants
Costco – Hired DOR Participants
Wal-Mart – Hired Participants and TEP Employees
Sam’s Club – Hired Participants, Conducted Company Tours to TEP Employees and Participants, and collaborated with Goodwill to educate Participants at HIRE Job Fair
Marshalls – Hired Participants
TJ Maxx – Hired Participants
Ross – Hired Participants
Performance Food Group – Hired TEP Employees
Target Distribution – Hired Participants
Target – Hired Participants
Aera Energy – Collaborated with Goodwill to educate participants at HIRE Job Fair
Volt Temporary Agency – Hired TEP Employees
Continental Temporary Agency – Hired TEP Employees
Securitas – Hired TEP Employee

Business Partners for Volunteer Services

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
Department of Mental Health
Valley Achievement Center
Volunteer Center Of Kern County
Cole Vocational
Kern County Department of Human Services/ Employment Preparation Program
Association of Retired Citizens (AARP)
Taft College
Taft Independent Living Center
Ruggenberg Career Center
Kern High School District
Taft Union High School

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